STEM Careers Session

30th May 2017

Pupils from Years 5-9 took part in a STEM careers morning followed by an afternoon of STEM challenges (Years 7-9). The day was led by Staffordshire ENTRUST’s STEM leader, Mark Robinson, and was attended by a number of parents.

The morning started thinking about stereotypes. The pupils had to draw what they thought a typical scientist and nurse/doctor looked like. They had to think about clothes, pastimes and weekend activities. This raised questions about how the brain works and how we are conditioned by society to have pre-conceived ideas about people and professions.

This was followed by a ‘People Like Me’ session. The pupils (and parents) were given a list of characteristics and they had to tick ones from the list that they thought reflected them best. This then generated a bank of skills they had and potential future careers for them, not just STEM careers.

STEM ambassadors

The students were then introduced to some STEM ambassadors. They had to guess what type of occupations were being represented. These included a physiotherapist, civil engineer, physicist, Science primary teacher and worker from a plastics company. The morning ended with the ambassadors taking part in a ‘speed dating’ session, where they were asked questions about their jobs. This gave a good insight into their daily work and how they trained for those careers.

The afternoon was led by Mr Henderson, Head of Science. He arranged the Year 7-9 pupils into groups to build a wind-powered device to lift a weight from the ground. The results were impressive and provided the girls with the opportunity to problem solve, work cooperatively, communicate and persevere with their ideas. The winners of the challenge received bars of chocolate.