Brewood Lights

Christmas at St Dominic’s is always a magical time. Our strong ties with the local church and our history gives Christmas a special place in the heart of all Dominicans. Last Christmas we missed our celebrations. We missed our carol service, we missed singing in the community, we missed Brewood Lights, we missed the joy and the love that accompanies all the events that bring us together. We hope that this year we may be able to celebrate in the community again. Maybe not on quite our normal scale, but hopefully we will have the opportunity to come together and celebrate Christ’s birthday with our St Dominic’s family.


The festive celebrations traditionally begin with Brewood Lights on Sunday 28th November. This is an extremely popular local event and takes place in the centre of Brewood village. We are delighted to be able to send a small choir to sing on the main stage, along with other local schools. After much joyous singing, the countdown to the enchanting light switch on begins. With much cheering, our beautiful village is suddenly lit up in an array of twinkling lights. This event always marks the beginning of the festive period, taking place on the first day of Advent and the Christmas period.


St Dominic’s has always had very strong bonds with the church and the local community. Events such as Brewood Lights are incredibly important as they strengthen and deepen our connections. None of us operate in isolation, we are all connected to one another. One of the tragedies of the pandemic was how separate we were from one another. Whilst we are still being cautious and making every effort of ensure the safety of our school family, we are delighted to be able to join with our community and church once again. Brewood Lights is a lovely family event, which marks the beginning of the festive season, we look forward to seeing you there.