Bus Routes


At St Dominic’s we know how difficult the school run can be. Trying to drop your children off at school, to ensure you are at your desk on time or make that important meeting. Using our bus service takes away a whole added layer of stress from your day. Our carefully planned bus routes adapt to where they are needed most, collecting your children from your house, where possible, and taking them to school. Not only can your children be collected in the morning but dropped off in the evenings. So, those meetings that overrun? That terrible traffic jam back from your best client’s offices? Don’t worry, you can just return home, no need to rush back to school.


Our minibuses travel across the county to collect our pupils. From Stafford to Bridgnorth. From the nearby streets of Wolverhampton across the county line into North Shropshire to the small town of Market Drayton. Market Drayton is used as a drop-off point to ensure that children from the surrounding rural areas can have access to the minibus. Where our minibuses cover the rural villages surrounding Brewood, we can drive from village to village, and house to house. Where the minibuses have to travel some distance from the school such as Market Drayton, we tend to use a single drop-off and collection point, as this reduces the length of the journey time.


Children from all years use the minibus service. From their first days in reception to their final days in 6th Form, pupils can travel in and out of school by bus. Our minibus drivers look after all the pupils on their bus and ensure that all prep school children are safely delivered and collected from the prep school at either end of the day. Friendships forged on the minibus reach across the ages and give pupils friendships in different year groups which aligns with our vertical mentoring system.


If you are interested in St Dominic’s for your children but are concerned about the school run, please speak to us about our bus routes. We make every effort to accommodate all requests for our bus routes. Whether you live far away or close to Brewood, we have many different routes for our pupils. When you come and visit St Dominic’s for your personal tour just ask about our minibus service. We are always here to help you. For more information about our current bus routes, click here, or to book your personal tour contact the school today on 01902 850248 or secretary@stdominicsgrammarschool.co.uk