Centenary garden to celebrate 100 years of St Dominic’s

8th January 2021

We are celebrating the 100th year of St Dominic’s in a variety of ways, but one of the most exciting is the creation of a centenary garden which will be enjoyed by pupils now and into the future.

The idea is to transform the quadrant – currently an underused concrete square – into an inviting and interactive space which will be used as an outdoor classroom.

It will be completely renovated to remove the concrete steps and install raised beds which children can use to grow fruit and vegetables, along with an insect hotel and other exciting activities.

A lot of the fundraising events being undertaken this year will be in aid of this garden, as it will require a fair amount of work to bring these ideas to fruition.

Head of St Dominic’s, Peter McNabb, says: “We really appreciate everyone’s support because I think the centenary garden can be a fitting tribute for the school’s 100th year.

“It will be a fantastic interactive space for the children, easily accessible from the science lab and food technology room, so you can imagine children picking fruit and vegetables to use during their lessons, or carrying out science experiments within the garden.

“We are really excited about it and look forward to sharing more plans with you very soon.”