Covid-19 testing to help a smooth start to the year

We are hoping for a smooth start to the new school year after creating our own “Nightingale-style” COVID-19 testing centre to ensure pupils can return after the Christmas break.

We are temporarily changing the sports hall into a testing centre, with nearly 200 coronavirus tests due to be administered by staff on January 5 – the school’s INSET day for all senior children and teachers.

Headmaster, Peter McNabb, said doing the testing the day before the new term was due to start gave the school the best chance of avoiding having to send year groups home in the senior school.

He said: “Logistically this has been a huge undertaking, with a lot of planning over the Christmas period.

“We have essentially created a Nightingale-style testing centre in a matter of days and I want to say a huge thank you to everyone involved for their dedication and hard work.

“We have not had to send any of our exam classes home yet, and we hope this will give us the best chance to maintain this over 2021.

“The staff have been brilliant and to have the facilities for drive-in testing on the school site has helped.”