A Level psychology just got a little easier – thanks to Mr Gorman’s new book

4th March 2020

Phillip Gorman with his psychology book

Anyone battling with A Level psychology will know just how difficult success in the subject can be but there’s fresh help and guidance available in the form of a newly published book – written by one of our teachers!

Phil Gorman is a psychology and RE teacher here at St Dominic’s and has just had the first in a series of books published aimed at expanding the skills and knowledge of students studying psychology.

AQA Psychology A Level Paper Three: Issues and Debates (Extending Knowledge and Skills) is part of the Extending Knowledge and Skills series which is being seen as a fresh approach to A Level psychology and is specially written to stretch and challenge students aiming for higher grades.

The book is packed with features designed to give students the best chance of success through the most in-depth, accessible coverage available of individual topics contained in Paper 3.

Essential features include:

  • A Question Time section which provides an ongoing challenge for the reader throughout the book
  • Clearly defined assessment objectives
  • New research sections in every chapter
  • Example answers with examiner-style comments to guide students on how to and how not to answer exam questions.

The book has been published by Routledge and is available through the Amazon website with an accompanying review which says the book is “an engaging, relevant and challenging text that broadens student understanding beyond that of the average textbook. The essential companion for any student taking AQA A Level Paper 3 in psychology”.

We’ll let Mr Gorman tell you more:

“I am delighted to say the first of my A Level Psychology Grade Booster Books has now been published and I’m sure it will prove a valuable aid to those students striving for exam success.

“The book is the first in a series written by me which are designed to extend the skills and knowledge required for Paper 3 of the AQA A Level psychology course.

“Paper 3 is the most difficult, as evidenced by the very low grade boundaries compared to the other papers. For example, less than 20% to get an E grade, less than 50% to get a B and less than 70% to get an A*.

“As one of the assistant principals on this paper, I recognised this and realised the need to have points elaborated and explained more clearly and in more detail on this paper. My series of books is an attempt to do that.”

We are delighted to see Mr Gorman’s book in print and look forward to reading the subsequent books in the series when they are published. We are sure they will prove invaluable to psychology students everywhere.

For more information about the book and to obtain a copy, visit Amazon by clicking here.