Countdown to NASA trip

9th October 2018

Space, the final frontier. These are the voyages of the starship St Dominic’s and its intrepid crew.

What a fantastic experience we have lined up for 30 of our students and the four adults who will be accompanying them on the trip of a lifetime to Florida and the US space agency NASA.

Our lucky travellers will be visiting the John F. Kennedy Space Centre on a 10-day trip which will see them visit launch pads that sent man to the moon and get an insight into space exploration at a private briefing given by a veteran NASA astronaut.

They will take part in the Atlantis Space Shuttle Experience and get involved in a range of interactive experiences including a shuttle launch.

This promises to be a truly incredible trip. NASA led the US side of the space race and it was from Florida that nine manned Apollo spacecraft were launched to the Moon.

Six of those missions landed men on the Lunar surface and the story is known by practically everybody on our planet – it’s a massive part of our history and now our students can be part of the experience.

They leave Manchester on October 15th and return on the 25th. The trip includes a visit to Sea World where a fully interactive lesson allows the students to see behind the scenes and discover the work being done to protect endangered species. There will also be the opportunity to feed dolphins, penguins and touch a manta ray.

Then, they will visit the NASA visitor complex, attend a private briefing on important concepts related to space exploration and enjoy a private presentation with a veteran NASA astronaut before engaging in a hands-on team engineering challenge.

An in-depth tour will include getting to know what it takes to launch a spacecraft and visit the coastal launch pads that we have all become so well acquainted with over 60 years of the space age.

Our students will have the privilege of taking lunch with an astronaut who has been recently working on the International Space Station and ask any questions they may have. They will get to try the Astronaut Training Experience and see how our astronauts are training for a manned mission to Mars.
There will be the opportunity to learn about communications and how to live and operate in space. This includes how sleep stations, the galley and going to the toilet work in an atmosphere devoid of gravity.

Away from NASA, our school party will be paying a visit to Disney Magic Kingdom where they will be studying the properties of motion as part of the Disney youth programme before they return to the UK. It is a packed itinerary and promises to be a remarkable experience – something they will treasure for the rest of their lives.