Cultural exchange is inspiring for everyone

6th December 2019

We believe it’s vitally important for our pupils to learn about places and people all over the world. It helps in their understanding of other cultures, how people live and work.

The reverse also applies, of course, and we are always pleased to open our school to teachers and pupils from far off lands with a view to a mutually beneficial partnership. With that in mind we would like to tell you about a recent visit we had from the joint principal of a school in Nepal.

Vidhya, of Regent Residential School in Lalitpur, was keen to learn about best practice in English education and chose to visit our school – quite an honour!

The school

Regent Residential School and orphanage is run by Vidhya and her husband. Quite an undertaking as they both work at the school in the daytime and the orphanage at night.

The school was founded 10 years ago by the couple who also started the orphanage at the same time. The private school is a very large establishment and funded places are awarded to the orphanage children.

The work Vidhya and her husband do is amazing and when you think they are running the school in the daytime and then returning to look after the 22 children at the orphanage each evening, well, it’s quite unbelievable!

Year 8 pupils at both our schools have been involved with a joint project and we are all hopeful of more collaboration between our schools in the future. The pupils at both schools have been writing stories, swapping and then comparing them.

It’s been an excellent start to our relationship and we are both now looking at further ways we can work together. We are also currently supporting Regent Residential School to become affiliated to ISA Education. ISA are heavily involved in Nepal, doing a lot of work at the moment helping both the children and education system out there.

A touching moment during Vidhya’s visit came when she presented the school with a plaque and a mini-ornament of a one-horned rhino, an endangered species found only in Nepal, as a token of our twinning. Both have been given pride of place in our main foyer as you enter the school, alongside similar gifts from our Indonesian partner school, Labschool Kebayoran Junior High School in South Jakarta.

The close relationship between our two schools is one we hope will grow and flourish over the coming years for the mutual benefit of our children and communities.