Indonesian pupils heading to St. Dominic’s for cultural visit

31st August 2018

We are preparing to give a warm welcome to a group of Indonesian students as part of a project to broaden cultural knowledge amongst pupils.

We will be playing host to our Indonesian guests for a week from Monday September 10th.

A range of activities have been arranged for the week and Head of St. Dominic’s, Mr McNabb, says it is an ideal opportunity for each set of students to learn about a different culture.

“We are delighted the visit is going ahead and our staff and pupils are really looking forward to the experience – it will be one of the highlights of the year at St. Dominic’s,” he says.

“There will be a total of 29 students and four teachers making the trip from Labschool Kebayoran Junior High School in South Jakarta, and they will be staying with our pupils and their families during their visit.

“It is designed as a cultural visit and I am sure we will be discovering many interesting things, differences and similarities, between our cultures which we can learn from as we develop a better understanding of our two countries.

“The trip is a little different from many other visits of this nature in that our Indonesian friends are coming from the other side of the world and we are really looking forward to finding out about their day-to-day lives and their interests – I’m sure they will be thinking the same.

“Indonesia is an interesting country, the largest island country in the world and covers some 13,000 islands.

“I am sure all the pupils involved in the visit will be able to get a valuable insight into each other’s cultures and it’s a wonderful opportunity to stretch the mind.”

A number of activities are planned, including a visit to Ironbridge and Blists Hill Victorian Town, along with various school-based activities.

All of our visitors will be staying with pupils and families connected with the school, and we would like to thank all those families who are providing accommodation during their visit.