Learning how to keep well

2nd July 2018

The wellbeing of children is being given more attention in schools nowadays, as exam pressures increase and social media places further pressure on young people.

We recently delivered a workshop for parents here at St. Dominic’s giving them ideas on how they could support their child’s wellbeing – and on Monday 25th June, the school held a wellbeing day for years 5-12.

All students were off timetable for the day and got involved with a variety of activities aimed at helping them think about the importance of being in the right frame of mind for learning.

They created a gratitude heart and happy playlist, as well as creating a happiness thermometer, to help manage their wellbeing, took part in a mindful meal session where pupils learnt which foods help with mental health, along with a mindful art session – art in response to music then finger painting.

We had a representative from the company Relax Kids in the afternoon who ran activities that looked at how to manage stress, positivity and relaxation. She also ran a staff training session after school; exercise for mental health and a mindful walk took place.