Making the transition from nursery to reception a happy one

7th February 2020

Mr McNabb teaching nursery children science at St. Dominic's Grammar School

Moving from nursery into reception can be a worrying time for young children and their parents – so we do everything we can to make the transition as smooth as possible.

Children at the Little Big Nursery here at St. Dominic’s Grammar School now have weekly transition sessions when they spend time in the preparatory school taking part in a range of fun learning experiences.

Why not have science lessons in nursery?

The sessions, which include music and science, have been hugely successful in helping children familiarise themselves with the new classrooms and those subtle differences between prep school and nursery.

They also encourage the nursery children to begin stretching themselves to think about things differently.

As well as science, children are taught languages from St. Dominic’s specialist language teachers, and weekly reading sessions with the head of lower school Miss Hovland.

Head of St. Dominic’s, Mr McNabb, teaches science to the nursery and reception pupils every week, which has been a big hit with all of the children.

Mr McNabb says: “We believe that by offering young children the opportunity to apply themselves to subjects they have never experienced before really helps to open their minds.

“For instance, we have been investigating microbes by doing some experiments with bread, and the children have been fascinated.

“As well as the obvious learning benefits, by involving the children in sessions like this they become used to the new learning environment, so the transition seems much smaller when they move into reception.”

“That’s not good for microbes!”

The science sessions have obviously been having an effect on pupils – Year 7 pupil Kiyah said: “At the meal table last night when I put salt on my food, my sister Mila, who is four, told me that’s not good for microbes. I couldn’t believe it!”

For more information about the Little Big Nursery or reception classes at St. Dominic’s, why not give the school a call on 01902 850248. Visit the Little Big Nursery webpage here and the reception webpage here.

St. Dominic's Grammar School nursery pupils learning science