National mathematics role adds up for Mr Brocklehurst

10th December 2019

Matths teacher, Richard Brocklehurst, sat at his desk

You all know how St Dominic’s is held in such high regard as one of the best schools in the country. Well, we are adding to that reputation through the efforts of our head of maths Mr Brocklehurst.

Mr Brocklehurst has landed a national role writing exam papers for A Level maths students and we couldn’t be more proud. He has taught at St Dominic’s for three years and teaches the senior school, including GCSE and A Level students.

As well as marking A Level papers and being a team leader, he has now landed a leading role writing the exam paper for the Oxford Maths International A Level course.

Everyone at the school would like to congratulate Mr Brocklehurst on achieving this important position and are sure you would like to echo those sentiments – it’s another great honour for the school.

He has worked very hard over many years to reach this goal and his unique insight into the A Level examination process can only benefit our students.

Mr Brocklehurst said: “I recently applied for a role at Assessment Qualifications Alliance, and I was delighted when they said they recognised my experience and expertise so offered me the permanent roles of Lead Assessment Writer and Lead Examiner for a full A Level paper on the Oxford Maths International A Level course.

“This means that I will be fully responsible for one part of the international A Level exams and how this is examined and marked each year – it is a huge privilege and responsibility.

“I have been teaching mathematics for 19 years alongside an active interest in assessment.

“During the last 13 years I have worked as an examiner, team leader and assistant principal examiner for the A Level Statistics Unit, giving me a huge insight into the examination system at A Level.

“This additional role has helped me become highly proficient in writing A Level materials which mirror the style of questions used in examinations.”

Our teaching staff are among the best in the country, regularly helping to produce results which match the extremely high standards which have come to be expected of the school. Our students are, of course, the second part of this highly successful equation and it’s the continued efforts of staff and students which maintains our position among the elite.