Science pupils reach for the stars

22nd March 2019

Pupils in Year 7 have been reaching for the stars with a creative solar system project, which now takes pride of place in the school foyer.

Mr McNabb’s Year 7 physics lessons launched in 2019 with a space topic, which culminated with a three-week task for them to complete a solar system model.

Mr McNabb said: “Students (and I believe some parents) worked tirelessly to produce some spectacular designs depicting our very own solar system with some substantial scientific facts about our nearby planets.

“I am so proud of all the efforts that the work is now on display in the foyer of the senior school outside the dining hall so that everyone can view them.

“Students and staff have loved the display with a lot of positive comments. We have some very gifted, talented and committed students at St. Dominic’s.

“Well done everyone, Dominicans are truly out of this world!”