Talented sisters in West End

7th June 2019

We are proud of our programme involving drama and performing arts at St Dominic’s and even more proud when our talented students can show off their talents to a much wider audience – like in the West End!

Appearing in London’s theatreland is a rare opportunity for most performers but that is exactly what has happened for sisters Karina and Anaya Kular who took part in a special production at Her Majesty’s Theatre.

The girls are also part of the Pauline Quirke Academy of Performing Arts and took part in Trouble’s a Brewin’ in Alberquirky – the first time the local academy has appeared in the West End.

There are nearly 200 Pauline Quirke Academies now operating across the country, having been set up 10 years ago with the aim of fulfilling the actress’s vision of helping youngsters develop their skills and confidence in performing arts nationwide.

It was a wonderful experience for Karina, who is in Year 6, and Anaya in Year 2, to take part in a production in one of the country’s top theatres and perform in the West End – something most people can only ever dream about.

There is so much history associated with the theatre and, when you think of the people who have appeared there over the years, it really is an amazing thing to be part of.

The girls are part of the local Pauline Quirke Academy, set up five years ago and some five years after Pauline launched the project which has been of major benefit to so many youngsters across the country.

Trouble’s Brewin’ is set in the fictional town of Alberquirky and is an exciting musical production involving singing, dancing, acting and featuring musical theatre, modern pop and old classics – pretty much every discipline associated with performing.

Karina and Anaya were thrilled to perform in the production and were extremely excited at being a part of such a wonderful experience.

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