The Dominican Spirit – A letter from Mr McNabb

6th April 2020

Dear Parents,

We have now reached the end of what has been a most unusual and long term for everyone. Acclimatising to a new way of working almost overnight, and a lock down has presented more than a few unique situations. The Dominican spirit amongst staff, children and parents, has enabled us to still move forward and we continue to be committed to delivering our education as we have done so for the last 99 years!

The teaching staff have risen to the challenge of teaching in a brand new way. It requires considerable time and planning to set up a successful online lesson and I know that teachers have worked extremely hard to ensure that the transition to remote working was successful, often whilst juggling family responsibilities.

We will be analysing the successes of our remote learning over Easter. I have had a number of suggestions and ideas on how it can be improved and we hope to return after Easter with an even better system.

Thank you for your kind words and supportive messages. Also, for your support at home assisting with the remote learning. We have a number of staff on site caring for a small number of pupils, thus allowing our key worker parents to continue their vital roles at this crucial time.

We pride ourselves on the pastoral care of our pupils and despite these challenging circumstances, we intend to maintain a high level of support for each and every individual. We would encourage any student or parent to contact us if there is anything at all that the pastoral team can help with.

I have loved seeing photos you have sent in of the children. We miss them so much. Many of you have been saying how much the children are missing school. Therefore, here is a little video overview of our St.Dominic’s.

Please stay safe and healthy at this time. Blessings on all your families. If there is anything I can help with, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

God bless.

Kind regards

Mr P McNabb