The sky isn’t the limit for our space age travellers

20th April 2020

Let us introduce you to our very own astronaut of the future!

Eibhlin O’Neill is one of an intrepid band of our students who have already started the countdown to their amazing trip to NASA later this year – and Eibhlin certainly looks the part.

It follows a hugely successful trip last year when 30 students and four staff made the journey to Florida and this December’s repeat trip will see our students:

Tour the John F. Kennedy Space Centre
Visit launch pads that sent man to the moon
Get an insight into space exploration at a private briefing given by a NASA astronaut
Take part in the Atlantis Space Shuttle Experience
Get involved in a range of interactive experiences including a shuttle launch
Sit down to lunch with a NASA astronaut

Eibhlin is the third of three sisters to make the amazing trip along with mum, Mrs O’Neill, one of our teachers. The trip will involve students across a range of ages but particularly from the Senior School.

Incredible adventure

We are absolutely delighted that our school can once again take part in such a wonderful experience this year.

The trip includes a visit to Sea World where a fully interactive lesson allows the students to see behind the scenes and discover the work being done to protect endangered species, and students will also be paying a visit to Disney Magic Kingdom where they will be studying the properties of motion as part of the Disney youth programme.

The space theme

Our students will visit the NASA visitor complex, attend a private briefing on important concepts related to space exploration and enjoy a private presentation with a veteran NASA astronaut before engaging in a hands-on team engineering challenge.

They will be getting to know what it takes to launch a spacecraft and visit the coastal launch pads that have become famous over more than 60 years of the space age. The students will have the privilege of taking lunch with an experienced NASA astronaut who will answer their many questions.

The school party will get to try the Astronaut Training Experience and see how astronauts are training for a manned mission to Mars, how the US is planning a return to the moon, hopefully this decade, and plans for the development of a moon base.

It is a tremendous programme and promises to be a remarkable experience – something they will treasure for the rest of their lives. We wish we could all go!