Three cheers for Phoebe!

23rd July 2019

We love getting behind our students and cheering them on to success – whatever their sporting or artistic goals. Interests and talents cover a very wide range here at St. Dominic’s and we are proud to help guide and support our students in reaching their full potential.

So you can imagine just how thrilled we are to tell you about a national champion we have at the school – now that’s really something to cheer about! Phoebe Taylor from Year 5 is heavily into competitive cheerleading and enjoyed double success at a major event held in Liverpool.

Phoebe and her two teams really set the competition alight with some marvellous displays which were the envy of rivals and had judges pulling out the big scores in appreciation of the high standards on show.

She then headed for Bournemouth for another major event, an international competition held under the guidance of the world’s governing body. Her parents, Maxine and Richard, can tell you more:

“Phoebe competed in a two-day event, the Europe JAMfest tournament in Liverpool, competing with two different cheer teams from the SA Academy, with both the Level 1 and Level 2 teams taking first place and becoming National Champions in their division for 2019.

“The Bournemouth event was europe’s largest cheerleading and dance competition and was attended by athletes from all over. It’s an American event with American judges and scouts were there looking for teams and athletes to travel to the US to compete in the world cheer championships in Florida next year.

“Phoebe was part of a group called Synergy, which is Level 2 – a harder group, more advanced than her age, and took part in the Future Cheer International cheerleading competition.

“About 30 teams took part and there were 33,000 people there cheering them on! Phoebe’s team won the grand competition award – the highest level she can achieve in this competition and for her age. She won a coveted jacket for her efforts, something which can’t be bought anywhere.

“The sport is now part of the Olympics and scouts were also out looking for the next cheer athletes to join the GB cheer team. The two weekends proved really tough but very exciting and amazing experiences for Phoebe.”

What a wonderful couple of weeks it must have been for Phoebe who clearly is competing at a very high level. So, let’s hear it! Three CHEERS for Phoebe!