Tributes paid to former St. Dominic’s head

23rd December 2018

A former head of St. Dominic’s School has passed away at the age of 93.

Sister Helen Weston is fondly remembered by former pupils, staff, parents and governors and was head of the school from 1978 to 1990.

Peter McNabb, current head of St. Dominic’s, said Sister Helen was a real character and held a special place in the school’s history.

“Everyone talks fondly about Sister Helen as someone who made a significant difference to St. Dominic’s,” he said. She was known for her self sacrifice and was a loving, caring person – but very strict.

“Everybody connected with the school and the broader community at that time have so many memories of Sister Helen’s time here, her influence on them and her loyalty and commitment to St. Dominic’s.

“People who came into contact with here still talk of her when they come back to school or meet up elsewhere and they all mention the good work she did while she was here.

“One of the funniest stories centred on Wolves football legend Sir Jack Hayward who visited the school in 1987 to open the new sports hall he had given £30,000 towards.

“The hall was finished but not completely paid for and Sister Helen managed to get Sir Jack to write a cheque out for another £12,000! He then bet Sister Helen another £10,000 that none of the school’s 400 girls would be able to recite his favourite poem.

“Needless to say she soon put forward a 14-year-old pupil who did so, word-perfect, and another £10,000 was added to the cause. But, amazingly, it didn’t end there and Sister Helen challenged Sir Jack to double-or-quits.

“He asked her to name the Wolves team who played Portsmouth in the FA Cup final of 1939. She did so, naming the team alphabetically!

“A great story and one which typifies the great characters that were Sister Helen and Sir Jack. Both are no longer with us but both left some wonderful memories. Sister Helen will always be in our hearts, thoughts and prayers at St Dominic’s.”

Sister Helen passed away peacefully on December 3 in Dublin.