What an exstrawdinary enterprise!

4th February 2020

A picture of a group of St Dominic's Grammar School students showing the straws they are selling as part of the Young Enterprise project.

Our students are well aware of the environmental crisis facing our planet and have come up with a truly “exstrawdinary” way to help tackle the problem.

We are proud of our record in the Young Enterprise Scheme – having been declared national champions in 2016 and the latest entry has seen our students choose an environmentally-friendly project which looks like being the last straw for, well, straws!

Setting up a company

The scheme encourages youngsters to come up with an idea, form a company, then market and sell the product. Our team’s idea was a new brand of environmentally-friendly straws created and marketed by a new business, Shlurp – and they have already made nearly 5,000 sales!

Plans now include selling the idea, and the product, directly to local businesses, restaurants, hotels and music venues. The team is also in talks with universities to develop and design unique personal straws for their recruitment fairs.

The straws are biodegradable, eco-friendly and durable designed to help meet April 2020’s target of all single-use plastics, including straws no longer being available to use in the UK.

Paper straws already exist in the marketplace but our team at Shlurp think they have found a gap in the market to produce unique, personalised straws for the environmentally conscious amongst us. Bespoke, individual straws for anyone for any occasion.

The team at Shlurp say…

  • Eco-friendly – Made exclusively by UK based manufacturer Intrinsic Paper Straws using sustainably sourced papers which are fully biodegradable, thus offering a real eco-friendly alternative to plastic straws. The factory is close to our base, which also reduces the carbon footprint.
  • Food safe – The printing inks used on our paper straws are more than just food safe accredited. They are approved for direct food contact making them a much safer drinking option and environmentally-friendly.
  • Extremely durable – We take great care in every straw we make to ensure they deliver outstanding durability during use, so that you can enjoy that all important beverage without worrying about issues such as sogginess.
  • Perfect for all occasions – Bars, clubs, restaurants, outlets, weddings, parties and other events.
  • Ideal for hot and cold drinks – Our straws are suitable for use with various hot and cold drinks including water, fizzy drinks, milkshakes, smoothies, cocktails, juices, tea, coffee and more.
  • Next year we are planning to further our eco credentials, offsetting our carbon, by planting 300 trees donated by the Woodlands Trust.

It’s an excellent project for our students who are determined to be the generation to make a difference when it comes to protecting our environment – they really will be helping to save the world, one Shlurp at a time!