Young engineers make electric go-kart

18th October 2018

It’s just possible we might be producing the next generation of Formula 1 engineers and mechanics here at St. Dominic’s.

Some of our pupils have taken part in a special event at the school where they have designed, built and then driven a fully functioning electric go-kart.

Our school was chosen to pilot STEMgineers – a workshop run by Hyett Education which teaches children mechanics and engineering principles through practical construction.

Our pupils thoroughly enjoyed the day and gained some valuable insights into exactly what goes into making an operational machine – they were quite taken with driving it as well!

They received some expert guidance all the way through the process from how to set about designing the go-kart to the practicalities of assembly and checks that the construction is done properly.

Then, with the grounds of St. Dominic’s acting as a substitute for Silverstone, our pupils took full advantage of the opportunity to drive the go-kart, at a very safe speed, under the supervision of Hyett’s chief engineer on site.

Hyett Education is headed by Antony Hyett, a qualified teacher and expert in supporting teaching and learning with the use of technology.

We would like to thank the people from Hyett who attended our school and made it such a special day for all those concerned. Our pupils will now be able to build on what they have learnt, which will stand them in good stead in the future.

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